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About This Web Site



'Be Real' is your home of self-advocacy on the web.


Initiated and maintained by the Brain Injury Association of Queensland Inc. (BIAQ) and funded by Disability Services Queensland (DSQ), this web site is designed for people with a disability, their carers, family members and friends, to easily and independently plan and advocate on their own behalf.

We want you to be empowered by the information you find here at 'Be Real', and the Brain Injury Association of Queensland is proud to be able to bring you such an exciting and innovative resource.

It doesn't matter if you are new to the concept of advocacy or have already had some experience. The information on this web site will provide you with an opportunity to continue learning, enhance your skills and confidence along the way, and most importantly get results.

'Be Real' has also been designed for service providers as an online advocacy resource and source of referral. The information provided is intended to engage and comprehensively cover the broad issues of advocacy, disability, and caring.

Everyone at some stage in his or her life will be touched by disability. It is for this reason that 'Be Real' is open for anyone with an interest in disability issues to come and utilise our service. This web site however, is more then just information. We are a continually evolving web site, always striving to develop and enhance our service through communication and research.

'Be Real' recognises that it is hard enough to even find a service provider that you are looking for, let alone actually getting the services or information you need. Our dream is to provide easy-to-find information, guides, and service provider lists that are categorised in a way that suites you. Welcome to 'Be Real'!!