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What phone number is this?

1800 / 1300 / 13 / 1900 / 0500 / TTY / TIS phone and fax numbers

These numbers are often confusing and the cost to you as the caller could be quite expensive. What do all of these mean when you make the call?

1800 numbers are free to callers. Sometimes this number is just for people who are ringing from outside the capital city.

1300 or a 13 number are charged the local call cost - even if you are ringing long distance.

Be careful of 1900 numbers. They can cost you between 35c and $5 a minute. Listen for the call rate at the beginning of the call and hang up if you don't want to pay the amount they specify.

0500 numbers are quite new and are used by businesses because they are portable (they can be used Australia-wide). The cost to you the caller will vary depending on where the person is - it could be local or it could be STD. You should ask when you call.

TTY numbers are for people who are deaf or hearing impaired.

TIS numbers are for people whose first language is not English.