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Taking your point of view - Colour and Size Changer

Here at 'Be Real', the home of self-advocacy on the web, we have included a feature that allows you to view the entire web site in different colours and font sizes. Whether you have trouble reading the font on the white background, or just feel like a change, this option may be for you. Click on the links below to try it for yourself. The default font and background for this web site is accessed using the top link.

Be Real - Default
Be Real - Large Text

High Contrast - Default

High Contrast - Large Text

If you still have problems in viewing any of the pages on this web site, please go to our Feedback Form and submit a request for an alternative colour scheme (or any other ideas you may have).

Can't change your syle? (and no, we're not talking fashion)

The latest Windows Service Pack upgrade (SP2) includes enhanced security measures relating to many of window's functions, including Internet Explorer. If you have tried changing the syle of the web site by using the above links and it hasn't worked, go to the web site below and follow the instructions. There they will detail instructions about enabling "Active Content". If you do this and you are still having problems, please visit our Feedback Form.

(N.B. - this link will open in a new window)

'Be Real'... and that includes YOU!!

We have worked hard in the development of 'Be Real' in ensuring that this web site is accessible for everyone. Based both on our experience as a community and disability organisation, and in conjunction with guidelines recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); we have included many features not only to allow you to access this web site, but to enjoy yourself while you are here. We trust that your experience on 'Be Real' has been a positive one. If you should have any feedback about the site, or have any suggestions at all, please let us know via the Feedback Form.