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Things to Remember .


Set your goals

Set specific goals and remain focused on them.

Facts & Figures

Stick to the facts. Keep any records, documents, phone calls that are at all relevant. Make sure you are familiar with any information you may have and are prepared before you speak to anyone.

Complaint handling policy and procedures

Ask what the company's policy and procedures are around complaint resolution (if this is appropriate to your goal) as this will help you work out who you need to speak or write to.

Staying cool

Remain calm, confident, and specific to your goals when dealing with people. Make sure you speak clearly on the phone as it is sometimes hard to hear people.

Recording information

Record important information during a phone conversation (names, dates, times and notes of the conversation) and keep all relevant documentation. If you don't like doing lots of writing, ask a family member or professional to help you with your record keeping.

Aim higher

If you aren't happy with the response you receive, ask to speak with someone high up, such as a manager or supervisor.

Record names and times

If you cannot speak with someone higher up at that time make sure you ask their name, when they will be in the office and if they can return your call. That way you can call back or write a letter if they don't return your call.

Put it in writing

Be aware that organisations may differ in the way they accept complaints. Some places may only accept things in writing.

Independent organisations

There may be an external agency that can help you with your issue if it is not being resolved. If you aren't told, ask if there is an external agency that would be able to help you.

Keep trying. never give up!!

If you are having trouble at first, don't give up. There is usually more then one way to approach a problem. It may be helpful to do some more research on the topic or ask someone for some assistance.